About us

The French Elegance Agency is a new agency dedicated to Etiquette and contemporary French Savoir-Vivre, created by French-born Carol Lemaire-Sicre

Graduating from one of the most prestigious Parisian Postgraduate schools in Communications and Public Relations, EFAP, Carol Lemaire-Sicre has acquired great experience working for one of the most distinguished French newspapers, LE FIGARO. She has spent her whole career working in the world of high end French Women’s magazines, and at the heart of the French political and economic news: two worlds in which elegance and etiquette are de rigueur and intrinsic to success.

A few years in New York and Miami helped this aesthete cast a very personal eye on the world and on her contemporaries.

Carol Lemaire-Sicre has long-established experience in the workings of organising prestigious media events, and has chosen to transmit the heritage of the French education she was brought up with since her early years, thanks to both a rich family portrait and the desire to transmit values and codes which have become essential in our days, to thrive with self-confidence and poise.

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