You are so French!

In a world without borders, thriving with confidence is one of the keys to personal and professional success. This success is within everyone’s reach thanks to a perfect mastering of the rules of courtesy and understanding French customs and traditions.

A new agency dedicated to contemporary Etiquette and Savoir-vivre, French Elegance Agency allows for perfect reading of elegance codes and good manners “à la française”. These precepts above all make our daily life easier; education is after all no more than a means of living together in harmony.

Acquire the “French Touch”, a unique blend of refinement and discretion, in order to make a disctinctive impact socially and professionally

Language, fashion style, manners and attitudes provide essential keys to portray the best of ourselves, with confidence and assertiveness. Savoir-vivre will imprint simplicity and distinction in a very subtle way and as such, will contribute to privileged and successful professional and private relationships. For ladies, gentlemen and children, all actors of tomorrow’s world. In all places and circumstances.

Thanks to its premium tailor-made service, the agency invites you behind the scenes of French refinement with personal and individual-oriented consultations.
Our cozy Parisian salon in the heart of Singapore is the ideal location to host you and establish a first review of your needs and aspirations in utmost confidentiality. Our approach, based on a strong trustful relationship, is key to all those for whom Elegance rhymes with France.

Welcome to the unique world of the French Elegance Agency!

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